Former deputy's guilty plea affects law enforcement image, work

Good Wednesday evening everyone.

We are trying to figure out just how bad the fallout could be from a Madison County deputy admitting he kept and sold stolen property. Shawn McClure pleaded guilty and he is out of the department - but what he did could taint hundreds of investigations he worked on. At 10 we will see what prosecutors and former law enforcement colleagues are doing to minimize the damage.

Health officials in Jackson County are on the lookout over a sharp uptick in rabies cases. So far this year they have had reports of rabid animals in the areas of Scottsboro, Pikeville, River Ridge and Stevenson. They say the numbers they are seeing are higher than in the recent past and they're urging people to stay away from any animals acting strangely.

And we have word the Tuskeegee students stuck in the middle of the Liberia Ebola outbreak will be able to come home. They were scheduled to fly back to the states this weekend but their flight home was cancelled because of the outbreak. We are keeping an eye on their revised itinerary.

I am filling in for Mark Thornhill tonight, who is enjoying being a proud granddad. We wish his family the best on this special day.