Men high-tail out with high-def TV

Here's security camera images of the men accused of taking a TV. (Source: HPD)
Here's security camera images of the men accused of taking a TV. (Source: HPD)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - There's nothing quite like watching the big game or settling down for a good movie in the comfort of your own home.

But when you didn't come by that big screen television or equipment in a legal manner - that's when police must step in.

We're looking for information regarding a pair of men accused of flat-footing it out with a flat-screen in this week's Crime Stoppers.

The scene of the crime was the Walmart on South Memorial Parkway and Hobbs Road. The date was April 6 - and there were plenty of security cameras rolling as the crooks went at it.

One of the two men was in green shorts and a striped shirt; the other in a plaid shirt.

Mr. Green Jeans - or shorts, in this case, walks around the electronics department, picking up a few items. Then you see the two wheel a shopping cart over, and load up a 46-inch flat-screen television, along with some speakers.

The men stroll back through the store, heading for the exit. Mr. Plaid leaves. Mr. Green goes into the garden section, parks the cart, and walks in and out a few times - police say, monitoring for his partner to bring over their ride. He even chats with a store employee in the meantime.

Once no one is within view, he barrels out with the cart carrying the television.

If the men look familiar to you - you could come out with $1,000 in reward money - more than enough for an entertainment system of your very own.

Make the anonymous call to (256) 53-CRIME. You can also text or email your anonymous tips; details on how to do so are in our Crime Stoppers section.

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