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Wolfforth City Manager explains tarps covering water tower

Wolfforth City Manager Darrel Newsom Wolfforth City Manager Darrel Newsom

If you have driven through Wolfforth lately something strange may have caught your eye - a giant tarp draped over a water tower.

"That’s the containment system for abatement of the paint and the materials that are on the outside and also to contain the new paint that’s going on - so that’s actually a containment system to keep those materials from blowing around the neighborhood," Darrell Newsom said. Newsom is the City Manager for the City of Wolfforth.

"It’s a strange looking thing, and it kind of looks like David Copperfield is about to do a magic trick, but it shows people that we are making progress and that we’re doing new things to try and help the water system.”

Newsom says it’s all a part of a more than $1.5 million upgrade to the city’s water supply.

"A lot of people don't realize that Wolfforth has been under orders from the EPA to clean up the arsenic and the fluoride in the water. We do have a new treatment system in the works that's to be built within the year," he said.

"One of the things that you don’t want to do when you've got good, clean water is to store it in a not clean container, so one of the things that we're doing now is getting our water towers in shape and in a lot better condition to store good, clean water. We have actually four towers and tanks that will be refurbished and one brand new million and a half dollar concrete tank."

Newsom says the water tower that is currently being worked on underwent a complete overhaul inside and out.

"They take it actually all the way to the metal. They said they touched every piece of steel on here individually and by hand, they take it all the way down to the metal and then they go back with a multi-coat process and prime it and then painting it, every inch pretty much by hand," he said.

"Good, clean water and good, clean storage for the water - that's the endgame here that we're working towards, just to get the best product that we can and just try to get to a point where it's easier to keep that system maintained and to the highest possible standard."

Newsom estimates it may be a while before everything is fully completed.

"It'll take quite a while. Our whole process will take at least the next year and a half. This process we're hoping we're through with by sometime in the fall but it’s very weather related and weather dependent. Then we'll begin construction on the actual water treatment plant pretty soon, but it too will take some time, so we’re hoping that we have a good quality, new water product by late next spring."

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