See, Click, Fix: Road and Sidewalk Repairs In Huntsville

See, Click, Fix: Road and Sidewalk Repairs In Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We've gotten used to seeing pictures like the one above. Those are the cracks and bump in the 4000 block of Dover Road in Huntsville. Someone posted that picture on See, Click, Fix, and the city dispatched Public Works to take a look at it. We checked it out, too. Crews patched it to make it a little smoother.

They're still looking at Wynsom Drive. The sidewalk is the issue there. The person commenting on See, Click, Fix says portions had dropped several inches and it's a tripping hazard and difficult to maneuver with a walker, wheelchair, stroller or cart. We'll follow up with Public Works to see what can be done.

 Now that school is back, traffic is starting to pick up on the main streets near schools. One of them, Weatherly Road, already had heavy traffic at times, especially in the afternoon.

 One driver says the intersection at Bailey Cove Road backs up a lot for anyone trying to go right. There are two left turn lanes, one straight and one right.
 He's seen some close calls from cars coming out of the Redstone Federal Credit Union just before the intersection. I've seen the same there.

He suggests taking away one of the left turn lanes and adding one to the right. Traffic engineers say they'll take a closer look at it and see if it's needed.
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