See, Click, Fix: Huntsville's Green Team

Volunteers work to clean up a portion of Todd Mill Road (Source: WAFF)
Volunteers work to clean up a portion of Todd Mill Road (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Who knows who dumped all of the trash along the sidewalk on Todd Mill Road? It's just another cleanup job for Huntsville's Operation Green Team.

"We get graffiti," said Joy McKee, Operation Green Team Director. "We get illegal dumpsites. We get yards that are very much in disrepair."

Many of those jobs come from See, Click, Fix from viewers who see a problem that needs a quick solution.

That's the case here. No one lives on the west side of Todd Mill, just south of Weatherly Road. It's just trees and bushes, which make it an easy dumping ground for people walking by.

And when it comes to cleanup, the Green Team often has a few more members to help. Actually, it's more like an army of volunteers.

"We had over 56,000 volunteers last year," said McKee. "So little stretches of road like this, we don't mind giving them tools like bags and can catchers and gloves. So that if on a regular basis, people want to be able to help out in their own community when they see something small, just pick it up for us."

All of that work pays off. The Green Team sends in the number of volunteers to the non-profit group Keep America Beautiful, and in turn, last year, it got $100,000 worth of trash bags donated.

The target turnaround time from when issues are posted to when they're cleaned up is two days. So, if you see a problem in your neighborhood, go to the See, Click, Fix section on the right side of our homepage and post it.

"We think it's working well in the community," said McKee. "We think people are excited about using See, Click, Fix, and we hope things are being addressed in a timely manner. Let me know if they're not."

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