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UAH shooter claims she involuntarily pleaded guilty in Rule 32 petition

Amy Bishop (Source: Metro Jail) Amy Bishop (Source: Metro Jail)

UAH shooter Amy Bishop-Anderson filed a handwritten appeal challenging her guilty plea in connection to the 2010 campus shootings.

Bishop-Anderson shot six people during a biology department meeting. Three of the victims died. Bishop-Anderson pleaded guilty to attempted murder and capital murder. At the time of her guilty plea in 2012, Alabama law required capital murder pleas to go before a jury.

The Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court have already denied requests for a new trial.

The Rule 32 Petition completed by Bishop-Anderson states she involuntarily pleaded guilty, had ineffective council, the court violated her due process, there is newly discovered evidence, and the case involved a Brady violation.

Click here to view a PDF copy of a sample Rule 32 petition.

The 43 page court filing focuses heavily on Bishop-Anderson’s mental state. She states “each of the experts for the state and defense diagnosed Bishop with schizophrenia with paranoid tendencies”.

Bishop-Anderson claims doctors say she’s suffered from the mental illness since she was a teenager. The filing also lists several medications Bishop-Anderson has been prescribed since her incarceration. She also referred to a suicide attempt in the Huntsville-Madison County Metro jail and a failed suicide attempt at a later time.

Bishop-Anderson claims because of her mental illness she was unfit to stand trial and there for could not voluntarily enter a guilty plea. Bishop-Anderson accuses the state of withholding evidence. Bishop-Anderson claims she was the victim of a student stalker before the shootings and that a colleague encouraged her to carry a gun for protection. She claims the state did not share evidence from a Huntsville shooting range.

In an affidavit Bishop-Anderson stated she is no longer on any antipsychotic medications and has a clear mind. She claims that she is now able to grasp “various facts elucidated.”

Bishop-Anderson states she does not have the money to pay an attorney. She included a printout of her monetary balance with the Alabama Department of Corrections. The account totals $710. Bishop-Anderson says a friend deposits an average of $50 a month.

Dr. Deborah Moriarity, the biology professor who stopped Bishop-Anderson's shooting rampage, said she is dumbfounded

"She just won't go away," Moriarity said, adding that a person can't "be crazy and not crazy at the same time. You can't have it all."

The Madison County District Attorney, Rob Broussard, said he does not believe Bishop-Anderson will get out of prison or receive a new trial.

"Unless someone can point out to any of us something with merit, then I would say there's no hope for her as far as her appeal," Broussard said. "That's based on my experience. When I look at it, who truly believes she didn't understand what was going on?"

Bishop-Anderson is currently serving a life sentence in Tutwiler Women’s Facility.

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