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Attorney speaks out in genital amputation case

Attorney John Graves. Source: WBRC video Attorney John Graves. Source: WBRC video

Friday, attorneys for the Jefferson County man who claims his genitals were amputated, without his permission, spoke to FOX6 News.

John Graves filed the suit earlier this week on behalf of his client.

The 10-page complaint claims the man was admitted to Princeton Baptist Medical Center in June to undergo a circumcision, but when he awoke, he learned part of his genitals had been amputated.

Graves says his 56-year-old client was advised to have the circumcision due to medical issues.

"He had some other health problems and the procedure was recommended by his physician as a way to prevent future infection," Graves said on Friday.

Graves says his client has diabetes, is on dialysis for kidney problems and is a double leg amputee.

He says the man originally went into the hospital to have the circumcision, and that's when doctors found an infection is his leg, which was amputated, at that time. After healing from leg amputation, he came back from the circumcision in June. So could the infection from the man's leg have spread to his genitalia?

"That's absolutely a possibility," Graves said. "And if that's the case, I'm certain records will reflect that."

But Graves says the defendants for those records for the last two weeks but hasn't received any documents.

The lawsuit says the man never gave consent for either a partial or complete amputation.

It also alleges that doctors never explained the necessity of the amputation, nor warned him that such a procedure might be necessary. Which begs the question, how did this happen?

"That's the question I asked the day I met [my client] and that's the question I'm asking here today," Graves said.

Thursday, Baptist Health System released a statement that said: "We have reviewed the allegations set forth in the complaint against Baptist Health System, Inc., and find them to be non-meritorious. We intend to defend all counts aggressively."

Also, the attorneys for Urology Center of Alabama, Simon Williamson Clinic and the two doctors released a statement that said: "The allegations against the physician are untrue. The claims are without merit. We intended to defend the physicians vigorously. When the facts become known, this will be seen as an unfair attempt to damage the reputations of dedicated physicians and their outstanding clinics with sensational, but untrue claims."

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