2 victims reported in Decatur shooting

Hi, it's Charles with WAFF 48 News

We're working on a developing situation in Decatur. Police have been on the scene of a shooting in the 800 block of Tammy Road. Investigators are still piecing this one together but so far they're saying one man and one woman were shot. They're telling WAFF 48 news that one victim was flown to Huntsville Hospital, and the other was transported by ambulance.

From the Huntsville school system, we're looking into some disturbing allegations of grade changing. A retired teacher says she was given an edict to keep students grades above a certain level. As proof, she showed WAFF 48 two report cards from one student which she says show a change that pushed the student up above "passing." More on that as we dig deeper.

And a Guntersville soccer coach, already charged with sexual abuse and trafficking is back in jail again on new charges, and prosecutors say he may have been getting ready to skip town. David Barrow is now charged in both Madison and Marshall counties. Investigators say he hid cameras to take lewd pictures and they're still trying to identify and track down his victims and their families, who may be unaware of what happened. They also say he may have been readying his plane for a getaway before he was re-arrested.

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