Rolando McClain found guilty of misdemeanor charges

Rolando McClain (Source: Decatur Police Department)
Rolando McClain (Source: Decatur Police Department)

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - A Decatur municipal judge found former Alabama football star Rolando McClain guilty on charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct on Friday.

McClain was sentenced to 18 days in jail. That sentence would have begun on Aug. 18, but McClain's attorney immediately filed for for appeal to the Morgan County Circuit Court where they'll get a jury trial. They are convinced they can win there.

The incident in question happened at Pines Park. A video captured by the Decatur police's patrol car camera that played in court was the centerpiece of the prosecution's case, but McClain's defense said that video is what will acquit him on appeal.

The video appears to show the situation escalated once an off-duty officer interviewed while two officers tried to handcuff McClain. The officers approached McClain from behind and never identified themselves as officers.

"A jury may see the facts differently," said attorney Carl Cole. "We watched the video. The judge saw some things differently than what we believe the video shows. We'd like twelve average people in the city of Decatur and Morgan County to see that same video and reach their own conclusion. To me the best video is the best evidence for Rolando McClain."

The prosecution waived the bond condition that would force McClain to stay in Alabama.

McClain headed straight to Oxnard, California in time for the Dallas Cowboys practice Saturday morning.

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