Beth Shelburne

Beth Shelburne

Beth Shelburne is an award winning reporter and anchor who works for WBRC in Birmingham, AL.

For 17 years, she has reported and anchored the news in half a dozen cities around the country and came home to work in Birmingham in 2010.

Shelburne has filed over a half dozen investigative stories about sexual abuse at Tutwiler Prison in the last two years. She broke the story in May 2012 when a federal complaint was filed on behalf of fifty women, alleging widespread sexual abuse of inmates by prison staff. At that time, she was inundated with calls from former Tutwiler inmates, sharing stories about abuse and harsh conditions and urging Shelburne to continue reporting on Tutwiler. The stories were shocking and heartbreaking, and the women felt they had no voice. Since then, Shelburne has been dedicated to covering the story. No other Birmingham broadcast reporter has filed more stories about Tutwiler Prison for Women.

Shelburne continues to talk to current and former inmates, family members of inmates, prison volunteers and service providers, Alabama Department of Corrections leaders and employees, inmate advocates, investigators and elected officials about this evolving story. In May 2014, Shelburne was one of a handful of journalists invited to tour Tutwiler prison by Alabama's Department of Corrections. This followed a two year effort by WBRC to go inside the prison, in which all requests were denied by ADOC. Shelburne believes her commitment to the story is making a difference in prison reform and has helped shape a larger statewide discussion surrounding this issue.

You can contact Beth Shelburne through email at, at or on twitter @bshelburne.