Community members try to save historic Kildare Mansion

A Facebook campaign has begun to garner interest in saving the masnion. (Source: WAFF)
A Facebook campaign has begun to garner interest in saving the masnion. (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The owner of the Kildare Mansion and Huntsville City Council have not been able to agree upon a suitable fence for the property. The council gave the owner 60 days to take down his current fence.

That led the owner to contemplate dismantling the mansion entirely, and now people are fighting back trying to find a way to save this historic property.

Owner Dwight Wright previously said he was probably going to


But Wednesday, he said a number of people reached out to him, giving him new life in his battle with the city council.

"I am going to continue to make every attempt to try to save Kildare," said Wright. "I didn't think anybody cared about saving Kildare; I didn't think anybody thought that it was important, that it was worth saving."


was created by Charlotte Davis, trying to keep the house intact.

"This is just more than a house; this is American history," said

Rebecca Hannah. "This is Alabama's history, this is Huntsville history."

She said a number of people have reached out to her, and want to help the cause. Huntsville Historic Foundation cannot protect the house from being dismantled, so Hannah is pursuing other avenues.

"I am reaching out to the City of Huntsville and to the State of Alabama and to the surrounding states to help me: Please save Kildare," said Hannah.

Wright says he plans to talk at Thursday's city council meeting to find a resolution

. He said anyone can help his cause.

"Encourage the city to work with me to find a resolution that can be acceptable," he said.

Wright says the city gave him until September 8 to take down the fence. He said he is going to try to renegotiate with the city before that time is up.

"If I get to the point where I have to move the fence and put it back on my property, that will be the end of Kildare," he said.

Wright says two key people were missing at the last city council meeting he was at: the mayor and a councilman. He hopes they will be at Thursday's meeting so he can hear their feedback.

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