See, Click, Fix: Several Huntsville neighborhood problems

See, Click, Fix: Several Huntsville neighborhood problems

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A viewer-submitted picture shows a water meter cover missing on the sidewalk on Gaslight Drive in Huntsville. It's no doubt a potential hazard for anyone walking. Huntsville Public Works checked it out, though the issue actually falls under Water Pollution Control. They promptly replaced the cover.

One viewer had an issue with a house in the 1800 block of Oakwood Avenue in Huntsville. He pointed out that shingles are gone, the roof is sinking in several places and that two trees in the front yard are rotten and could fall anytime.

A Huntsville Community Development Inspector checked it out and was set to give the owners a notice they they've violated the Minimum Housing Standards ordinance. When we stopped there on Monday, two trees had been cut down. The inspector will check back to see if the owners take care of the rest.

And there's always a road that could use some repaving. This time, it's Bide A Wee Drive in Huntsville. The woman posting on See, Click, Fix says her whole neighborhood needs repaving. She added that there are 5 streets that connect and that they're "poorly patched and horribly scarred".

As we've shown you before, there are plenty of streets in the city that could use some repaving. There is a repaving priority list for this year. Unfortunately, Bide A Wee Drive isn't on it...

Public Works will take a closer look and see if there's more patching they can do to smooth it out for now.

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