Democratic National Convention visitors meet in Birmingham

Members of the Democratic National Committee are in Birmingham for a two day visit. They are touring the city to see if it could host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Coming up at 10, Charles Molineaux explains how the party could be bolstered if Birmingham does land the convention.

All new at ten, Rainsville residents will get a chance to decide if they want to legalize alcohol sales in their town. Council members unanimously passed a resolution tonight to set a special election. It is set for November 4, the same day as the general election. Learn why proponents say this is a good thing for the town.

E-cigarette use has nearly doubled in a year. Now city leaders in Huntsville are actively looking into how to best handle the sudden boom. Coming at 10, why at least one councilman says the city is scrambling to try to keep up with its popularity.

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