USPS statement on Amazon Sunday delivery

As online shopping continues to increase exponentially, the Postal Service is pleased to be able to offer shipping solutions that allow major mailers and customers alike appreciate the benefits of using the U.S. Mail.

USPS began delivering on Sundays in select markets nationwide in November 2013. USPS and Amazon signed a Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA), a contract between USPS and an individual company (Amazon) that provides customized pricing incentives or other terms. NSAs are intended to meet the needs of specific customers for whom mail is an integral part of their business strategy. Details are confidential and are sealed by the Postal Regulatory Commission. Additional NSA information is at

The Postal Service has hired City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) and Rural Carrier Assistants (RCAs) to deliver on Sundays (as well as supplement the career carrier workforce during the week). CCAs and RCAs are considered non-career employees and their starting pay is less than a career letter carrier. They do not receive paid sick leave of healthcare; however, they do accrue limited vacation time. They are appointed for 51 weeks with renewal options at the end of that time.

Nationwide on average, Amazon packages have totaled approximately 250,000 each Sunday. How does it work? Amazon brings Parcel Select packages to local offices and/or hubs on Sunday mornings. Parcel Select is a presorted parcel product designed for large- and medium-sized shippers looking for an affordable service for shipping multiple parcels. Since the packages aren't being delivered on an established route, carriers use dynamic routing systems that use GPS coordinates to map the most efficient delivery route based on addresses. USPS does NOT charge customers an additional fee for Sunday delivery.