See, Click, Fix: Brahan Spring Park Water Features

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - On the hot days in summer, you'll find plenty of boys and girls enjoying the Splash Pad at Brahan Spring Park in Huntsville. There are 51 water features. Bubbling geysers, water cannons and dump buckets among them.

The problem right now is several aren't working. The water guns don't work, and only one of the star water buckets is functioning. Someone posted that on See, Click, Fix. I took my family there over the weekend and found the same thing. Huntsville General Services are now checking it out. If you head out there, let us know what you see.

At Hickory Trails Flat, one man said you can't help but see all of the problems. On our site, he cited asphalt patches, bumps, dips, high spots, wandering seams, cracks and rough concrete areas. He would like to see the City Of Huntsville repave the road from Garth Road at the south all the way around the loop to where it joins back to Garth Road.

Huntsville Public Works says it's not on their resurfacing list for the current phase. The next phase starts in October. Meantime, Public Works will look at patching uneven spots

And on Westchester Avenue, there's a request for speed bumps. One resident said they are needed to slow drivers down and stop people from using it as a cut through to Drake Avenue or Whitesburg Drive.

It looks like the city's traffic engineering department will do a speed and volume study. To help speed that along and to fill out a questionnaire, requesting help on other roads, just click on this link

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