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SES begins expansion work after jobs announcement

SES facilities (Source: WAFF) SES facilities (Source: WAFF)

Huntsville will start seeing the benefits of the Science Engineering Services expansion by the end of the year. Director of Planning Shane Davis said the company will begin work immediately by expanding the new hangar space and the space for the manufacturing to begin.

Davis said Huntsville has been preparing for something like this for years by establishing a workforce and the technology needed to appeal to companies.

“I think it’s the commitment by the city to put the infrastructure in place, to focus on education and STEM technology in K through 12 to create that workforce,” Davis said. “I think we focused on that for many years and companies are beginning to see you can get it done here.”

Business Affairs Officer Harrison Diamond said he thinks the SES expansion will encourage more companies to come to the area.

“Companies like to go where the market’s hot, and right now Huntsville’s definitely demonstrated it’s a hot market and they also look to this as a validation for their thoughts on coming to a community,” Diamond said.

Once the expansion is complete, SES will occupy more than 1.3 million square feet of hangar, manufacturing and integration space combined through four facilities in Huntsville.

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