An investigation into Alabama gas pumps continues

Good Monday evening. We are hard at work for our 10 p.m. newscast here at WAFF 48.

We are continuing to investigate questions many of you have expressed about possibly being ripped off at the gas pumps. Margo Gray will continue her in-depth investigation, including some good news from Alabama Legislators. A new policy will go into effect in October requiring gas station owners to hire state-approved registered agents to inspect the pumps once a year.

We are also digging deeper into the yearly battle against mosquitoes here in the Tennessee Valley. Sarah Navoy spoke with officials in Madison County who are waging that war against these potentially dangerous blood suckers. And she will explain how they are turning to high-tech methods to win the war.

There have been a number of frightening crimes against children lately, including leaving those youngsters in hot vehicles. This week, Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers Valley's Wanted includes no less than three people who are charged with crimes against children.

We hope you will join us at 10.