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Congressman Mo Brooks talks about immigration

North Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (Source: WAFF) North Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (Source: WAFF)

One Republican is blasting the president's plan as "financial insanity." North Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks said the current situation is entirely of the administration's making.

Brooks said the mess at the border could be quickly resolved by sending the national guard and letting the border patrol patrol the border and send foreigners illegally crossing the border back instead of sitting dozens of miles into Texas.

“It is becoming a humanitarian crisis of the president's own making," he said.

Brooks said the influx of illegal aliens is a logical result of the Obama administration not even trying to enforce any immigration policy.

"This president, with billions more dollars than either George Bush or Bill Clinton had, has by far the worst track record in evicting illegal aliens."

As well as the fact that so many of these illegals are children

"Barack Obama's failure to secure America's borders, coupled with Barack Obama's promise of amnesty and promise of all this free stuff at taxpayer expense has caused a lot of children to risk their lives, to risk sexual abuse, to risk physical maiming to cross our border. “

Brooks also takes dim view of the president's nearly 4 billion compromise offer.

“The president's plan is financial insanity,” he said. "He wants 3.7 billion dollars. Well for one percent of that amount of money, if you had an effective administration. For one percent of that amount of money, you could fly 50,000 illegal alien children to reunite them back home with their parents.“

The administration blames capitol gridlock, a charge Brooks calls "absolute bunk" because, he says the white house has its own idea on what "immigration reform" even means.

“To them an immigration problem is how do they come up with the money to pay for all the giveaway programs that entice illegal aliens to come to America. Then you've got most American citizens who think of immigration reform as securing our borders and forcing illegal aliens to go back home.”

Brooks said the primary obstacle to any immigration reform law is the president himself because he's not enforcing immigration laws on the books already.

Congressional Republicans have said they're not going to make any concessions like amnesty in exchange for better enforcement they don't believe this administration would ever enforce.

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