It's Back To Court On The Rezoning Issue

Huntsville school leaders are headed to Birmingham today for a federal hearing on the rezoning issue. WAFF 48's Muriel Bailey is looking into what this is all about. See what she's found at 5:00 and 6:00 a.m.

Are the Huntsville Stars moving or not? I've been mentally preparing for it, trying to get my family out to games as much as we can. Mayor Tommy Battle says the Stars haven't told the city, oofficiallythat they're moving. We'll update you on what that means and what the Stars would have to do if they stay.

Did you see the guy who did 29 impressions of singers all in one song? Get this. He didn't do any of them and that was by design. We'll even show you "the making of" video and how much fun they had.   That's in What's Trending at 5:25 and 6:25.

And it's not quite as muggy outside this morning. Meteorologist Lauren Jones says you should see and feel it much drier today. Check out your Weather On The Tens.

It's Friday. I'll say it again. It's Friday! So, let's kick it off together. We're on your TV right now.

-- Jim Abath