Diversity pledged with opening prayer

Good Thursday evening.

Normally we focus on what's said during a Huntsville City Council meeting. But tonight, the focus was on what happened before the meeting started. After a member of the Wiccan faith was uninvited from delivering the council's invocation, we will let you know who did perform that duty at this evening's meeting. And as Charles Molineaux reports, this involves a question of inclusion and diversity.

They were talking about performance at tonight's Madison City School Board meeting. But in this case, they were not talking about the performance of the students, they were talking about the performance of the superintendent. And Dr. Dee Fowler passed with flying colors during his yearly evaluation. As WAFF 48's Vincent Crivelli reports, Fowler not only got plenty of "pats on the back", but monetary congratulations as well.

And they rumble through our towns and neighborhoods all the time. But how often have you stopped to ask exactly what sort of cargo trains are carrying down the tracks. What happens if that cargo is hazardous material. In a WAFF 48 Investigation, Sarah Navoy takes a look at how you can find out what's being transported in your own backyard.

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