This Morning, Why You Could See Some Rain

This Morning, Why You Could See Some Rain

Well, at least it's not yellow like it was yesterday morning.

It's just blue and a little green on Storm Tracker Doppler Radar this morning. I got rained on a little bit heading into work this morning. Meteorologist Lauren Jones says you could see some more rain today, but only about a 30% chance by tonight.

Overnight, Huntsville Police ran another safety checkpoint. We're getting the numbers in now. We'll let you know how many arrests they made and for what.

We'll also take you to Texas where investigators are trying to make sense of that standoff last night that started with the suspect allegedly shooting seven people.

Six of them, including four children, died.

We're also looking into that shooting at a Tennessee National Guard Armory yesterday.

One man died, and police have a person of interest in custody.

And on the lighter side, we'll take the plunge on the newest and most daring water slide in the U.S. Check it out in What's Trending at 5:25 and 6:25.

And yet, we have even more for you right now on WAFF 48 News Today.

-- Jim Abath