When Is The Rain Coming Back?

It's nice and quiet out there this morning, but if you're like me, your lawn could use a little bit of rain these days. Meteorologist Lauren Jones says there's only a small chance of getting some of that today.

Later in the week is a little more likely. She'll break it down for you in her Weather On The Tens.

Governor Bentley is back in the valley today. He'll help open the new Jack Daniels cooperage in Trinity


Do you know someone who's been arrested and could use a second chance? There's a new state law that could give them a clean slate. Muriel Bailey will fill you in on the details at 5:30.

And if I say "throw like a girl", what comes to mind? Check out What's Trending at 5:25 and 6:25. We'll show you how a new campaign's aimed at empowering girls and making the rest of us think twice.

Margo Gray's joining me this morning. WAFF 48 News Today is on the air right now, so come join us and let's get this Monday going!

-- Jim Abath