Bruno Mars serenades brain injury victim

Bruno Mars serenades brain injury victim

Bruno Mars let a very special fan know that she is beautiful just the way she is at his Cleveland, OH concert on Saturday night.

According to the YouTube video posted by Matt Babb, who attended the concert, Zumyah Thorpe suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car wreck that killed her pregnant mother and two of her sisters in 2013.

Thorpe had to go through intense rehabilitation and her nurses and family members would play her favorite Bruno Mars songs to brighten her days.

While working on her speech during a day of rehabilitation, Thorpe began to sing to Mars's

Just The Way You Are.

Her nurse began to cry. Bruno's tunes had helped Thorpe recover.

After a video telling Thorpe's story played at the concert, Mars called Thorpe up to the stage where he sang

Just The Way You Are

to her.

The video has gone viral, reaching and touching over 200,000 people. Zumyah Thorpe's story and Bruno Mars's kindness have now inspired thousands of people.

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