Plane's repair record prior to fatal crash examined by experts

Good Monday evening from the WAFF 48 Newsroom.

In a story you'll only see on WAFF 48 News, Sarah Navoy is exploring the maintenance history of the corporate jet that recently crashed at Huntsville International Airport, killing all three people on board. You'll be surprised to learn that this jet had a record of some major problems before this crash. Sarah will fill you in on that and also talk to an aviation expert.

We're also continuing to follow the fireworks accident at a North Alabama church that injured 3, including a teenager. A 14 year old is recovering from second degree burns after an annual fireworks display at the Fyffe Church of God in DeKalb County went horribly wrong Sunday. We'll have the latest on the accident and the victim.

And we're also focusing on identity theft in this week's Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers "Valley's Wanted". Three of the five suspected criminals we show you this week are wanted for committing crimes that involve stealing the information that's most personal to you.

We hope you'll join us at 10.