See, Click, Fix: Merging Problem On Governors Drive

A merging problem has emerged on See Click Fix. (Source: WAFF)
A merging problem has emerged on See Click Fix. (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We start this week with a multi-layered issue in Huntsville. It's the intersection of Governors Drive and California Street.

As one driver pointed out on our site, if you're driving east and you're in the right lane, you don't have much time to merge after you go through the intersection.
   If you're driving from a stop, it's a bit of a slow merge. But if that light's green on Governors, some people drive much faster, either in the right lane or the middle. That means someone's probably going to have to hit the brakes, maybe even pretty hard and that could cause an accident.
  The city's forwarded the speeding issue to Huntsville Police to check that out.
  The merge is a little more complicated. That's up to ALDOT, since Governors Drive is a state road. Huntsville City Commissioner Bill Kling says they've talked with the state to see if they can help fix it.

The other issue this week is one we've seen before. We've even been at the house before. It's another call to clean up the grounds at a house in the 2600 block of Bonita Circle in Huntsville. The main problem is the weeds in the backyard that are getting high. That notice we showed you in May is still on the front door, advising the owner to stop work. But it's been up there so long that most of the ink has faded.

A Community Development investigator has notified the owner he's violating the city's grass and weed ordinance and has 14 days to clean it up. He has less than that now.