Huntsville's place on the human trafficking highway

Tonight, we're getting more information on a nationwide crackdown on human sex trafficking which focuses on the Huntsville area. The FBI got involved along with Huntsville police, Madison police and the Madison County sheriff's department. If this sounds familiar, it's because crackdowns like this have happened in this area before.  Why?   We're taking a look at what makes this area a nexus for this kind of abuse.

A Franklin county restaurant that made headlines for one of the worst possible reasons is hoping to get back into business soon. El Patron in Russellville closed its doors after health investigators figured out it was the source of a salmonella outbreak. The state health department came up with its newest findings on the restaurant this afternoon.   We'll get into where the situation goes next at 10.

We're also checking in on plans for a big new development in Downtown Huntsville. The city suddenly got a large vacancy with the closure of the old Holiday Inn on Big Spring Park.  What will go there now? The ideas are coming in and we may get some idea soon.

Meanwhile, yes, we are probably in for some more of those thunderstorms. Did you get soaked We'll check out the forecast.

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