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President of NRA receives warm welcome during visit

Jim Porter is an Alabama native, and actually lives in the Birmingham area. (Source: WAFF) Jim Porter is an Alabama native, and actually lives in the Birmingham area. (Source: WAFF)

The president of the NRA got a warm welcome in Franklin County on Friday. The head of the National Rifle Association was in Red Bay to meet with supporters before his duties began at the Rock Bridge Canyon Rodeo later that evening.

Jim Porter is an Alabama native, and actually lives in the Birmingham area, but his roots keep him connected to the northwest part of the state.

State Representative Johnny Mack Marrow held a meet and greet session Friday afternoon for members of the community. It was a chance for people to stop by and talk with Porter, and ask any questions they may have about the NRA or anything of the sort.

Porter described his fellow NRA members as, "Good, solid American citizens." He said he couldn't be more proud to have his home state be one of the biggest supporters of the second amendment.

"The outdoor industry is close to a billion dollar industry in the state of Alabama, and it's huge," said NRA President Jim Porter. "The NRA is a major supporter and proponent of wildlife management and protected resource, as well as protecting the right to hunt in our country so all of those things make me very proud of my state."

Porter said Remington's move has opened doors to allow firearm and firearm related industry to come to Alabama. He said the only thing he can say is that Alabama is on the radar screen in the firearm industry.

Porter said he's thrilled with the welcome Remington has gotten so far, and knows that any other firearm company would receive the same welcome. Porter said for his home state to be pro-second amendment speaks volumes for its leaders and residents. He said Alabama is a great place to do business.

"We have a great workforce and it's just all the opportunities here, but I have another interest and that is to see the firearm industry thrive and do well, and we can't have a vibrant second amendment without a vibrant firearms industry to make the firearms and ammunition that allow people to go out and exercise their second amendment right," said Porter.

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