Decatur laces up for Brooke Hill Cancer Run

The race is designed to help raise awareness about ovarian cancer. (Source: WAFF)
The race is designed to help raise awareness about ovarian cancer. (Source: WAFF)

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Juanita Healy's home is awash with different shades of teal - the ribbon color designated for the observance of ovarian cancer, which took her daughter, Brooke Hill, several years ago. Juanita works hard to raise money for research and awareness.

Paintings like the giant dandelion she showed us can go a long way toward fund raising. The more items like this you have, the more money you can raise.

Juanita also wants to educate other women about the symptoms of this killer.

"The day that Brooke actually got the diagnosis, my husband was terminally ill, we had been to UAB Clinic and were on our way back," Juanita remembered. "When I walked in the door, she said 'Mom, I'm so sorry to do this to you with all you're dealing with.' That was the hardest part was that she felt guilty over what it did to every body else."

Healy said her daughter was frustrated more women don't know the symptoms.

"We have to change that, and we started talking about having a run," said Juanita.

When Brooke's voice was silenced, her mother and sister, Paige Norris, raised their voices to educate women about an early and correct diagnosis.

"One of the experts told us if you put 300 women with ovarian cancer in the room and asked how many of them had been diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome or gastritis, every one of them would have been," Juanita said.

As we approach the 10th anniversary run, Juanita thinks about how race money was used in the past.

"And they did their research on ovarian cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy," Healy said.

You may find more information about the upcoming run at the official Facebook page and at River City Runner.

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