Suspect in machete attack turns himself in

Jeffrey Tyrone Walker (Source: Jackson County Sheriff's Office)
Jeffrey Tyrone Walker (Source: Jackson County Sheriff's Office)

STEVENSON, AL (WAFF) - A man accused of attacking another man with a machete after an argument about dog poop has turned himself in to Jackson County authorities.

Jeffrey Tyrone Walker, of Stevenson, turned himself in to the jail on Tuesday morning.

Investigators said Walker attacked 41-year-old Chris Gaylor on Sunday. Gaylor could lose portions of an arm and his leg as a result of the attack.

Investigators said the attack happened after Walker became upset over a dog going to the bathroom in his yard. Neighbors said Gaylor apologized to Walker and began collecting the dog's feces when the attack began.

Walker's ex-girlfriend, Valarie Snodgrass, said the matter with the dog had been a repeated issue, and that Walker told Gaylor many times to keep his dogs out of his yard.

Snodgrass said she lived with Walker between October 2013 and this April. She said she never expected to see the situation go as far as it did.

"He's not harmful at all; he's not violent," Snodgrass said. "I've been with him for over a year and he hasn't been violent at all with me. I'm shocked. I'm just really shocked."

Snodgrass recalled one incident in which her granddaughter stepped in dog feces during a visit.

"Jeffrey took the shoe - the actual shoe with dog poop on it. He took it to the man's house, and he knocked on the door and showed it to him, and said, 'This has got to stop happening.' The man was like, 'Well, I'm sorry it did happen. I'm not sure it was my dog; it may have been my wife's dog.'"

A police log from June 1 indicates Walker complaining about the issue. The city does not have a leash law. Police said Walker then told them someone needed to do something, else he would be forced to do something he didn't want to do.

Gaylor was transported to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he remains in critical condition.

Walker faces an attempted murder charge. Bond has been set at $250,000.

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