Guilty verdict found for former middle school teacher in sex abuse trial

Good Friday evening and TGIF!

We're continuing to follow the guilty verdict of a former teacher and coach at a private school in Huntsville. Today a jury found Brett Naff guilty of two counts of sodomy involving a female student under the age of 12 at Country Day School. WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy has been following this trial all day long and she spoke with a young man who claims he's also a victim.

We're also digging deeper into the escalating tensions in the Middle East. Sunni Islamic militants are moving closer to Baghdad with little resistance from the Iraqi army, which was trained by the United States. Was all we did in the region for nothing? WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux will talk to a man who served as an Arabic translator who helped teach U.S. troops while they were serving in Iraq.

We'll also check in on a project that's been delayed with all of this rainy weather. Work on the Wal Triana Bridge over Mill Creek is Madison is being delayed until the middle of next week. The latest at 10.

We hope you'll join us tonight for WAFF 48 News.