Symposium highlights government and industry partnership

Many attended the AUSA Missile Symposium this year.
Many attended the AUSA Missile Symposium this year.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - At this year's AUSA Missile Symposium, industry leaders learned from their government partners about how products made right here in the Tennessee Valley save soldiers' lives.

"The purpose of today is really to allow industry, who are key partners, and our government partners, to engage in conversation about where we are today with our missile technology and our weapons platforms and where we need to be in the future," explained Brig. Gen. Neil Thurgood.

Soldiers use the weapons, while industry partners make them. Brig. Gen. Thurgood said, "Our industry partners really provide, along with our government engineers, the expertise, the technical expertise to make a dream that a soldier has of a weapons system platform into a reality."

Brig. Gen. Thurgood highlighted one such system. He explained the system by saying, "The idea is when an artillery round or mortar round, or a rocket is fired by the enemy into the forward operating base that the radar system sees that round coming, warns our soldiers that it's coming, and then the land base failing system actually shoots a bullet at that bullet coming and hits that bullet coming."

All that happens within 13 seconds, which illustrates why it's important to talk not only about hardware, but software developments too. "I mean, these are very complex software driven systems and so all that has to be protected. That technology about how that happens, the speed at which that happens. You know that 13 second time frame that we talked about earlier? Just the ability to slow that down would perhaps cause, or has the opportunity to cause a missile to get through the defensive system and that might cost a soldier their life." said Brig. Gen. Thurgood.

As discussions evolve at symposiums like the 2014 AUSA Missile Symposium, the next big idea could be a life saver.

"We don't realize the impact we're having in our industry in our daily actions when we're in this type of business," remarked Brig. Gen. Thurgood.

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