Huntsville member of rap group wanted in card theft ring

Good Wednesday evening and Happy Hump Day to you. Here are a few of the stories we're working on for WAFF 48 News at 10.

We're continuing to follow up on a huge stolen credit card scandal in the Birmingham area that involves tens of thousands of dollars as well as a rap group. And that rap group includes one person from Huntsville. WAFF 48's Vincent Crivelli digs deeper into this scandal to explain what the group did, and how the act was uncovered.

Speaking of crime, we'll also show you a blatant cell phone thief who stole a man's phone in a busy Huntsville grocery store. She's even seen talking on the stolen phone as security was trying to help the victim find his phone. Don't miss our weekly Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers report.

And now that the Alabama political primaries are in the books, we ask the question "How much did the common core education issue play into the outcome?" WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux will explore the answer to that question.

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