Mistake discovered in tied Colbert Co. School Board race

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Colbert County Probate Judge Daniel Rosser said incorrect ballots were distributed in the Colbert County Board of Education District 5 Democratic Primary, a race that ended in a tie.

Brad Counce and Ricky Saint both received 432 votes.

Rosser said poll workers gave out incorrect ballot styles to at least 23 voters who were not entitled to vote in that race.

"Why did this happen? Because of honest mistakes made by poll workers," said Rosser. "Should this be acceptable to the citizens of Colbert County? Absolutely not."

According to Rosser, no other primary races were impacted by this incident.

Billy Underwood, the chairman of the Colbert County Democratic Party, has spoken with both candidates, who agreed they would like to be put back on the ballot in the July runoffs.

If allowed to be placed on the ballot in July, the vote will not cost any taxpayer money.

"We will ask the Secretary of State, Republican Jim Bennett, to put both of them on the July 15 ballot," Underwood said. "We're just going to vote again, and I think that's fair for the citizens of Colbert County - it wasn't their fault that this happened."

Underwood said the CCDP will make a formal request to the Secretary of State following a hearing next week.

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