See, Click, Fix: Repaving needs at Medford Dr.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This week, we took a look at Medford Drive in Huntsville, and there's no denying it has a lot of problems.

"I've lived here for about 14 years, and I've just seen it get gradually worse," said homeowner Kevin Guy. "And I just think it needs to be repaved.

Guy has gone to great lengths to try to get Medford Drive repaved. He's measured the 450-foot strip down the middle of the street where the pavement's sunk and the 1800 feet where it's broken into small pieces. Patching?.

"The city's tried that," said Guy. "They come through a few years ago and in these places where erosion had happened, they came in and kind of patched that up, but it didn't hold either. I mean it was sort of just to get you along until it could be redone properly."

Guy put together a PowerPoint presentation. It focuses on rutting, raveling, corrugation and several other factors that the city uses to rate streets. He compared Medford Drive to Littlebury Drive, which is on the repaving priority list. Here's what he found.

"There really was not a category where I felt their road was in worse shape than my road, yet several of the categories, it had a higher score," said Guy.

Both streets rated in the 40s, which is the benchmark for repaving. I talked with Public Works Director Terry Hatfield. He says there's no doubt Medford Drive needs repaving. It just didn't score high enough the last time they rated roads. However, he is certain it will be repaved in the near future.

The fiscal year runs October to October. So, when the next year's bids for repaving go out, it's very possible Medford Drive will be on it. We'll let you know.

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