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What do the voters really think of political ads?


We're airing them on our station -- political ads for the primary election Tuesday.

We've seen the attacks but are ads really effective?

Former Auburn Montgomery Associate Professor of Political Science Bradley Moody says the negative attack ads are targeted to specific voters. But in essence, Moody says, the nasty attacks drive voters to lose interest.

"They are negative. They don't give you any reason as to why you should vote," Moody said.

Many Montgomery voters say the ads deliver no substance on the issues affecting voters.

"The commercials come in three, four, five at a time and it's just a bunch of negative stuff after another," Montgomery resident Joe Murray said.

"To be frank with you, I don't see much of anything. I don't see much of anything being said. It's the same old soup warmed over and over. The same old ads, the same old promises and stuff," Montgomery resident Artis Martin said.

"They're focusing on President Obama and not on the issues that we have here in this state," Montgomery resident Marlene Martin said.

"You would think that President Obama was running for the Alabama legislature and that Obamacare was a big issue before the Alabama legislature. Neither one of those are true, but you would never tell it from the ad," Moody said.

"This guy did this and this guy did that. Just tell me what you are going to do. What are you going to do for the community? What are you going to do for the state of Alabama? And how you going to make things better?" Murray questioned.

Voters will carry these ads to the polls Tuesday. Many say they will keep in mind what they saw and didn't see.

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