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Officers write 205 tickets in 2.5 hours


Law enforcement is bringing the heat on Savannah's streets this summer, with a county-wide traffic patrol saturation to last the next 90 days.

Over just two and a half hours Friday, 102 officers wrote 205 traffic tickets and 48 warnings.

They wrote 52 more tickets to drivers who didn't have children buckled in properly and 45 tickets to unbuckled adults.

The effort is coordinated by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, working in tandem with Savannah-Chatham Metro police and state troopers from across Georgia.

GOHS Special Operations Division Director Powell Harrelson said the point is to educate the public and correct dangerous driving.

"Unfortunately, we educate them by giving them a citation, and that usually gets their attention," Harrelson said. "And when that gets their attention, it gets their neighbor's attention, and they're going to be talking about it at Walmart, and they're going to be talking about it at the beauty store next week."

Harrelson said the initiative was sparked by a jump in fatal wrecks in Chatham County, from 13 in 2012 to 38 in 2013.

There have been 14 traffic fatalities in Chatham County this year, including four pedestrians struck and killed by vehicles.

"People are just not using the crosswalks, and they're jaywalking and going across the road at places where they shouldn't be crossing," Harrelson said.

The traffic team won't be out every day, Harrelson said, but will pick multiple times, days and locations each week to keep the public guessing.

"We're going to be all over the place. You may see us at six in the morning one day, and you may see us at nine o'clock the next night."

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