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Rantankerous: Dear Donald Sterling, Nick Saban has a gift for you

(Source: Bitstrips/Facebook) (Source: Bitstrips/Facebook)

Rantankerous [ran-tank'uhr-us] (adjective) - A combination of rant [to speak in a wild or extravagant manner] and cantankerous [contentious, disagreeable]. The word is the only suitable description for the arguments between Brian "What We Learned" Tynes and George "Hot Reads" Jones.

(RNN) - In a poll that is in no way scientific and not at all indicative of a fair sampling of people's opinion, there is a new consensus (among two people) about the new most-hated man in sports.

Thanks, Donald Sterling! Nick Saban, Johnny Manziel and Alex Rodriguez are all signing a "Thank You" card.

With a buyer reportedly lined up, it looks like the soon-to-be former owner of the LA Clippers is about to make a mint off the franchise.

This week, Matt Quillen is filling in for Brian Tynes. Here's what else we got:

Thank you, Lance Stephenson, for making old-school fans fall in love with the NBA again - and for making sure LeBron James will recoil the next time his wife nibbles on his ear.

California Chrome is an extremely gifted sprinter who has won his last two races. He also eats raw oats and doesn't use deodorant or toilet paper. Really, there is no difference between that horse and the annoying coworker who always tells you to "be mindful of the environment."

The World Cup is approaching fast, and that couldn't be worse news for host country Brazil.

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