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Geologist, drill crew to investigate I-65 sinkhole

The sinkhole affected traffic on I-65 on Friday. The sinkhole affected traffic on I-65 on Friday.

Crews will investigate the sinkhole on I-65 near Hartselle this week.

According to ALDOT, the sinkhole developed in the southbound lane of I-65 at milepost 327.0 on Friday. The lane had to be closed for a time to traffic.

A state geologist will be at the site on Tuesday. A crew will drill into the limestone to find out what is happening on Wednesday.

Lanes on I-65 near Hartselle will be closed temporarily on Wednesday and Thursday.

Drivers are understandably not looking forward to what's ahead, but some said they are hopeful the delays will be for the greater good.

The spot is filled, patched and drivable, but the new asphalt isn't enough to ease all worry. The fear among drivers like Sheila Tate: can this happen again? Tate said the traffic backlog from the incident was concern enough.

"It was bad there for awhile," Tate said. "All the travelers for Memorial Day trying to get to their families and picnics... It's just alarming when you think the ground is caving in."

People who live here know it isn't the first time Mother Earth proved unpredictable. In 2010, a section of I-65 in the Hartselle area cracked and caved as well. Tate recalled traffic after that sinkhole backed up as far as the Decatur exit.

The presence of the geologist and drill crews will mean unavoidable disruptions, but Tate said if it means safer roads, so be it.

Road work will begin at 8 a.m. on both Wednesday and Thursday. The Department of Transportation suggests leaving early or using alternate routes if at all possible.

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