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8 restaurants score low with health dept.

The McDonald's in Ardmore, Alabama scored an 80. The McDonald's in Ardmore, Alabama scored an 80.

The McDonald's in Ardmore, Alabama scored an 80 with the Limestone County Health Department. The inspector reported four critical violations. The inspector said workers were touching ready to eat food with their bare hands, which can cause cross contamination.

McDonald's lost points because the fountain drink nozzles needed to be cleaned and because an employee drink was on the food prep line. The inspector also reported finding cracked plastic food bins and damaged fryer baskets.

Southern Fixin' Steakhouse and Buffet in Ardmore scored a 72. The inspector reported cold-holding food on the buffet was a few degrees above the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth. The inspector also reported they spotted an employee's drink on a counter, sitting next to utensils. Southern Fixin' lost points because the interior of the ice bin was dirty.

A 78 for the Greek Gyro Express in the Madison Square Mall in Huntsville. The inspector reported finding insects. The inspector also reported the fountain drink nozzles were not clean.

The Outback Steakhouse in Sheffield scored an 82. A Colbert County health inspector reported some food needed more protection from contamination, and that some cold-holding food wasn't held cold enough.

No critical violations were reported for Half Time Bar & Grill in Madison, but the inspector reported several smaller infractions and handed them an 84.

B & S Grocery in Athens scored a 76. The inspector reported food temperature problems, with wings and a hamburger a little below the minimum temperature required for hot food. The inspector also reported the pizza ingredient cooler was nine degrees above the required temperature for cold food.

Tiger's Grill in Ardmore scored an 83. The inspector reported grease on the hood was dripping back down onto the cooking area. The inspector also reported food in the cooler was between 54 and 70 degrees above the 41 degree maximum temp for cold-holding food.

Kim's Tiger Mart in Ardmore scored an 82. The inspector reported employee drinks and chemicals were on a food prep counter.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores - http://bit.ly/1k0UnHY

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