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Authorities: Driver who hit child at bus stop didn't violate law

Diagram of the crash site. Diagram of the crash site.

An Alabama State Trooper spokesperson said it appears a driver didn't violate any laws when she hit an Endeavor Elementary student on Tuesday in a Harvest neighborhood.  

According to troopers, the driver of an SUV was traveling down Vanguard Street as the student got off the bus at the intersection of Vanguard Street and Trailing Vine Lane. The bus was stopped on Trailing Vine Lane with its lights flashing and the student walked out into the middle of the intersection when he was struck by the SUV.

According to authorities, the driver of the SUV was not required to stop at the intersection because she did not have a stop sign on her road.

"The laws pertaining to school buses and people not stopping apply if that person is either approaching that school bus from the rear or the front," said Trooper Curtis Summerville. "The stop sign comes out and at that point you are required to stop and not pass the bus. However, if you are on an entirely different road that has nothing to do with what that bus is doing, then you are not required to stop, which is the case with this particular car."

The student suffered a broken leg and was transported to the hospital. His mother said doctors have not cleared him to return to school until at least next week.

State Troopers are still investigating the crash. They said they are looking into where the bus driver dropped off the student.

Madison County Schools said the bus driver drove the normal route on Wednesday morning and the driver won't face disciplinary action. The school district is also looking into the crash.

Troopers are also looking at the actions of the SUV driver, but stressed she did have a right to pull in front of the bus while its flashers were on.

"This particular crash did not involve this person going around or violating any laws concerning going around a bus," said Somerville. "There was a separation of the actual road this person was on."

"We certainly don't want to blame anybody until we complete the investigation, but as of this point, as of this far in the investigation, we forsee no charges against this person (the driver) involved in the crash," said Summerville.

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