Driver of vehicle that hit child not facing charges

Good Tuesday evening from the WAFF 48 newsroom.

We're continuing to investigate a story we brought you earlier this evening of a woman who hit a child getting off a school bus in Harvest in Madison County this afternoon. Witnesses tell us the driver of an SUV hit a young boy as he was getting off the bus. In fact, we're told by some that he suffered a broken leg. But the catch is, State Troopers tell us the woman driving the SUV won't be charged, even though the warning lights were activated on the bus. We'll have the latest in the investigation.

We're also following up on an emotional high school graduation we've been telling you about today. Hazel Green High School seniors requested that one of their classmates who was killed in a car wreck as a sophomore be recognized in their ceremonies tonight. A seat was left vacant, with a cap and gown placed in it during the ceremonies tonight. And J.R. Pinder's name was also called along with the other members of the graduating class. WAFF 48's Vincent Crivelli attended the emotional ceremony and will have more, including reaction from Pinder's uncle.

And we're also continuing to follow a bizarre story that could impact you. A Huntsville man has his HVAC unit destroyed after a criminal stole a car and led police on a chase. The suspect ran into the $5,000 unit, then escaped on foot. So now, the man is left to foot the bill for a new unit. Does he have any options? WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy explores that question tonight at 10.

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