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Animal communicator says dogs gave her details on murder of 77-year-old woman

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - An animal communicator says she got visions of who killed Julia Mudgett, just hours before Mudgett's body was found.

The 77-year-old was missing for more than 10 days before being discovered half a mile from her Hollywood home.

The vet at Animal Medical West in West Ashley is taking care of Mudgett's dogs.

He is convinced one of then saw what happened to her.

Jessica Fox, a receptionist in his office called a woman who claims she can talk to dogs.

They were shocked at what she told them.

"I thought I was spiritual on some level, but that was totally different,” said Fox.

Fox says she called an animal communicator a few hours before Mudgett's body was found. The communicator told Fox she can talk to dogs.

"It was on Friday at 10 o'clock and it lasted about 45 minutes,” said Fox.

Fox and other staff members believe Lucky, Cricket and Ginger saw the struggle deputies say led to the death of their owner, 77-year-old Julia Mudgett.

Fox said, “At first no, I was not really a believer.”

Fox says that changed when the communicator started describing Mudgett's home.

"What it looked like inside her trailer and what he saw and his perception of everything that happened and why he felt so guilty,” said Fox.

Fox says all of the dogs were in crates and couldn't help Mudgett, but she believes they saw the suspect.

"With Lucky she said that he looked like he was a 5'10, 5'11 black male with really rounded features and that he had a really strong smell of tobacco, not necessarily cigarettes but a cigar or a pipe."

Fox didn't tell the communicator anything about Mudgett before the session.

Fox said, "I know there's been some publicity since she has been missing but no, I didn't provide any of that.”

Through the eyes of Cricket, the communicator told Fox she saw images of the outside.

Fox said, "He took her outside and [she] said does she live near a tree line? And I said I’m not really sure and [she] said well I think it's a tidal creek and I know it's a tidal creek because the water rises and the water falls with the tides and I keep seeing this big oak tree that's eroded in the bottom from water."

There is water near Mudgett's home on Toogoodoo Road, but deputies say her body was found in an area with mostly trees.

Fox says either way the dogs are now in better spirits.

Fox said, "They all seem to have some alleviation of the negative energy, so I think they're doing a lot better considering."

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office says they did receive some of the information for the animal communicator, but could not say how much or if any of it helped with the investigation.

They also say they went back to search the woods around the house because not much blood was found in Mudgett's car when they found it in Jasper County.

Deputies say that indicated to them, that she wasn't taken far. 

The three dogs Lucky, Cricket and Ginger are all up for adoption.

The vet says the two male dogs, Lucky and Cricket, are close to each other and they're hoping to keep them together.

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