A push for harsher penalties for criminally-negligent homicide

Good Thursday evening. Here's what we're working on in the WAFF 48 newsroom.

A Madison couple has been charged with criminally negligent homicide, but is the penalty harsh enough? Kristopher and Joy Speigner may face one year behind bars after their 1 and a half year old daughter McKenzie swallowed a dishwashing detergent tablet and the parents didn't notify authorities until the next morning. The little girl died. But the crime is only a misdemeanor in Alabama right now. North Alabama State Representative Mike Ball is pushing to make the crime a felony. WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy will have more on his efforts at 10.

We're also continuing to follow the charges against Guntersville High School Girl's soccer coach David Barrow. He's charged with child sex abuse and human trafficking. WAFF 48's Diana Crawford is digging to find out more specifics in this case, as well as  a push by the Guntersville City School Board to suspend barrow.

And we'll also have the latest details on a Shoals woman who was arrested for leaving her sister-in-law to die in a home after she fell and injured herself. It's a bizarre story that's raising all sorts of legal and ethical questions. 57-year old Pamela Springer fell in a Lauderdale County home and was allegedly left there for 3-4 weeks before her sister-in-law, 59-year old Maria Springer called authorities. Pamela died Wednesday night.

More on these stories coming up tonight at 10.

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