Court documents reveal allegations against Guntersville coach

David Barrow (Source: Metro Jail)
David Barrow (Source: Metro Jail)
Kristian Griffin (Source: Metro Jail)
Kristian Griffin (Source: Metro Jail)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Court documents filed in the case against a co-defendant of Guntersville Soccer Coach David Barrow state the pair planned to take nude photos of the victims.

The criminal complaint against Kristian Griffin became available Thursday morning. Griffin faces charges of conspiracy sex abuse. Barrow faces charges of human trafficking and sex abuse.

According to the complaint against Griffin, she agreed to take the victim to David Barrow's home for the purpose of making nude photographs. The complaint also states Griffin allowed Barrow to subject the victim to sexual contact.

Authorities said the case involves two 10-year-old girls, but does not involve Barrow's position as a soccer coach.

Huntsville Police arrested Barrow Friday after his team played in the state soccer tournament at John Hunt Park. He bonded out of jail Monday. Griffin, arrested one week ago at the National Children's Advocacy Center, remains in jail on a $120,000 bond.

Chris Newlin with the National Children's Advocacy Center cannot discuss the specifics of the case, but said it is shocking and sad to hear of these allegations in our community.

"We are recognizing these things do occur in our community. There is great concern that, unfortunately, those things occur and, unfortunately, human trafficking can and does occur," he said.

He added that most child abuse cases involve the exchange of money or goods.

"There is the exchange of money or of access to certain things, or drugs," he said. "It may be that parents or caregivers or those who are responsible for the well-being of children will allow them to become nothing more than a commodity at that moment."

Newlin stressed the importance of parents talking with their children and starting a dialogue about potentially uncomfortable subjects such as people who may try to harm them.

The superintendent of Guntersville City Schools said he would officially recommend Barrow be suspended pending the results of the investigation at Monday's school board hearing.

Barrow's preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 19. The judge has not set a preliminary hearing date for Griffin.

Barrow's paperwork has not been made available.

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