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2014 Sullivan Cup Best Tank Crew Competition


Wednesday, May 14, was day three of the Sullivan Cup Best Tank Crew Competition.

The world class competition tests soldiers, marines, and international partners in tank maneuvers, sustainment, and gun skills.     

Teams endured several tests including physical training and stress shoots. They also go through  offensive and defensive phases.

"This exercise helps determine which crew is the most tactically proficient crew," explains CPT Dan Schmidt, supervising officer of tactical simulation. "They've already done precision gunnery, and they've done individual skills like firing their M4 and M9 sidearm. But this is a better way to see how a crew operates by itself in a tactical environment against a moving, thinking enemy."

The competition is named for retired General Gordan Sullivan. Sullivan served in the Army for than 36 years and was the 32nd chief of staff. 

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