Alabama AG seeks appeals court help in Barron case

Barron is accused of mishandling campaign funds.
Barron is accused of mishandling campaign funds.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The attorney general's office says a trial judge's rulings are fatal to its criminal case against former state Sen. Lowell Barron if they are not reversed.

The attorney general's office encouraged the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals on Wednesday to consider rulings by Circuit Judge Randall Cole. The judge ruled last month that the prosecution couldn't present evidence about whether Barron and a former aide had a romantic relationship and Barron could prevent evidence about ordinary campaign expenditures. The attorney general's office told the appeals court that the rulings are in error, and it is critical for the appeals court to consider them.

Barron, a Democrat from Fyffe, and former aide Jill Johnson were indicted last year on charges accusing them of misusing $58,000 in campaign funds.

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