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Citizens can sound off on parkway extension

Gene Pierce moved to Glendale Road four years ago Gene Pierce moved to Glendale Road four years ago

A public hearing starts at 6:00 in Lee County for residents to voice their concerns on a proposed highway extension project.      

A quiet neighborhood, a low flow of traffic is why Gene Pierce decided to move here off Glendale Road four years ago.  A place he says many Lee County families and lots of kids call home.  

"Sometimes there's over a dozen out there playing football back and forth across the roads and you name it, after school," said Pierce.        Their safety is his number one concern that he'll bring up at tonight's public hearing on a project meant to extend the area from Oakland Library to the end of the road near Publix.     

It would connect the west and eastern parts of the county to allow traffic to flow between US-19 and US 82.    

"It's important that we have an east west route, and I think many people recognize that and I think even those who oppose this route, recognize that we need an east west route, but they may not want it coming through their neighborhood," said Ron Rabun, County Manager.       

Officials say the way the area is set up now makes it difficult for people to travel easily, which causes safety concerns. And economically people are cut off from reaching Albany.   That's why Pierce agrees, it's a good move. Just not the right location.

And he says he's not alone. Many residents in the area have their own concerns.   "They're concerned about the property, and property value, and losing yard space," Pierce said.  

He's hoping they'll join him tonight at the T. Page Tharp Building in downtown Leesburg. Along with anyone in Lee County that approves or opposes the move to express their views, before County commissioners officially decide on where this roadway project will land.



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