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Gregg Allman asks for restraining order during motion hearing


Director of Midnight Rider, the biopic about Gregg Allman, took the stand in court on Monday.

Allman is suing Unclaimed Freight Productions to stop the making of the movie after the tragic train incident during the filming of a scene of the movie.

Allman's lawyers asked the judge to temporarily stop production of the film, at least until they get to the trial.

Midnight Rider director and producer at Unclaimed Freight Radall Miller took the stand on Monday in a motion hearing for a restraining order for the film's production.

Allman is suing the production company to stop making the film, saying that it should be out of respect for the seven crew members injured and Sara Jones, the crew member who died, and that because of the tragic incident, the film production is now harmful to his reputation.

The singer's lawyers said the production company lost the rights to continue making the film after they did not follow the contract by not starting principal photography on time, and they did not pay Allman a full amount of $150,000 by that first day of principal photography.

On Monday, Miller answered tough questions about the day of the accident.

"I'm on the scene myself," said Miller. "I almost got run over by a train myself. I did. I was the last one on the train tracks."

Court is recess until Tuesday.

The defense said they did start the initial phases of principal production despite what the call sheets said, and that the reason the full amount wasn't paid because of taxes.

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