Heated hydrotherapy does a body good

Heated water can help loosen muscles, joints and nerves.
Heated water can help loosen muscles, joints and nerves.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Workouts in heated water are just what the doctor ordered for Kim Hawkins' sciatic nerve damage. She said the pain is consistent.

"It sends pain down my legs, down the back of both of my legs. Nothing makes it increase or decrease: laying down, sitting... it does not help it at all," she described.

While there is no cure, she said there is relief.

"Being physical is what helps it. The impact therapy creates other issues; the water therapy is what helps it the most," said Hawkins.

The person helping her is Assistant Physical Therapist Lindsey Rogers.  She said they start off slow and work their way to the best workout possible.

"Aquatic therapy is really good for anything, especially low back issues -sciatic nerve, arthritis, any kind of general medical," explained Rogers.

Heated hydrotherapy doesn't just help people with sciatic nerve problems. It also can help with a host of other ailments.

"I have several patients with muscular dystrophy and with atrophy and lots of different things, rheumatoid arthritis. And the heat is just a way of loosening the muscles so you're able to do more. You can do more of the exercises. You get more range of motion," said Rogers.

And because it is moist heat, it reaches deeper.

"The therapeutic pool we keep anywhere from about 89 to 92, 93. So it's not quite as hot as a hot tub," said Rogers.

She says this practice dilates the blood vessels increasing the blood flow. In short durations, it can even lower blood pressure.

To learn more about heated hydrotherapy options, visit this website: http://encorerehab.com/component/zoo/item/encore-rehab-of-decatur

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