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Experts warn parents not to let babies sleep in car seats


Experts are warning parents not to let their babies sleep for long periods of time in a car seat.

There is no question that there is no safer place for your baby while driving than to be buckled up tight in the backseat. It's once a parent is out of the car, the seat could do a lot more damage than good.

"Do not leave them in a car seat. That is absolutely not the thing to do," said Phyllis Larimore, a nurse and safety expert at Children's Mercy Hospital.

She said parents need to resist the temptation to bring their sleeping precious cargo back into the house in the car seat. So many moms and dads don't want to wake their little ones and allow them to continue their sweet slumber in the car seat in the house.

"If they're not positioned properly, the chin falls forward on their chest and what can happen is they lose their airway. They aren't breathing as well as they should," Larimore said.

She said it's the worst case scenario, but babies have died from the scenario before and it could happen again.

"Use the car seat in the car, period. Once you get to your destination, take them out," Larimore said.

It's a warning at least one mom hears loud and clear.

"You definitely want them to sleep, but you'd rather have them alive than dead," Grace Georgia of Kansas City, MO.

The very safest place for a baby to sleep is on his or her back in a crib.

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